Explore the World Subscription

Explore the World Subscription

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2 Exclusive blends, masterfully roasted and delivered to your door every month.

Looking to tantalize your coffee taste buds every month?  The Explore the World option of CoffeeBox does just that.  Every month, our master roasters work on developing new and intriguing blends made from coffee sourced from different locations across the world, masterfully roasted with love in Montreal, and shipped to your door.  

At the beginning of the month, we announce what types of coffee will be included in the Explore the World box.  You can find the details listed on our website and on our social media.

When you subscribe to our Explore the World box, our promise to you is:

  • To ship you 2 bags of masterfully roasted coffee,
  • Each bag will contain 340 grams of coffee, enough to brew about 48 cups,
  • Coffee will be delivered in your choice of bean, ground for drip, french press or espresso machine,
  • Properly labelled coffee in a resealable freshness lock bag.